Sunday 18 May 2014


Here's something a little different! Although it was probably the springboard for my early interest in Entertainment and Animation. My family and local neighbours used to enter the West Country Carnivals during the 1970's under the name of 'The Rosewood Close Gang'. For many years we would enter floats into the local Carnivals and would win many prizes. As kids it was great fun dressing up and being on the floats with the Tractor pulling us along and the crowds clapping and cheering at our imaginative entries. Then when we stopped entering the Floats I continued for a couple of years aged nine and ten as an individual walker. Firstly in 1974 as 'Mr. Robertson' the character from the Robertson Jam, and then when I was ten as 'Pinocchio'. Here is a photo of my Pinocchio costume which is actually being worn by my sister in this photo! Looking at the head now it doesn't look much like Disney's Pinocchio but I was only ten when I made it!