Monday 26 September 2011

Stanley Baxter ~ Meeow!

The Great Scotish comedian Stanley Baxter wonderfully provided all the voices in the ITV animated series Meeow! in 1999.
I animated on this 2D Traditional Hand Drawn series for Siriol Productions.
Here is a publicity image I drew of the main character Maisiemac with Stanley Baxter.

Here is a size relationship model sheet of the main characters. Stanley kindly signed it for me. There is a story behind this signed model sheet that haunts me till this day. My fellow animators one day photocopied the original (Which I was unaware of) and when I was out of the room crumpled the photocopy up and stuck it under the wheel of my chair! You can imagine my horror on returning to my chair! Well I don't normally swear...but I may have on this occasion! They then returned the original to me safe and sound!
Oh those crazy animators!!

Here is a photo of myself with Stanley Baxter.